User Experience / User Interface Design

We design functionally beautiful digital and brand experiences that engage today’s consumer. Through inspired design, we build meaningful and profitable relationships between brands and consumers. At Atech, we believe in creating products that are exceedingly functional and visually appealing. We follow a User Centered Design approach and are focused on designing interfaces based on human tendencies. We have a deep empathy for consumers and a passion for approaching challenges with smart, well-considered design. Over the years we have managed the design and development of hundreds of websites for global companies


UX is increasingly becoming important to your business, but the magnitude of its importance isn’t quite felt across your organization. The result: Your product teams chase incrementality while you expect turnaround. Let’s start talking about it. Digital is your key initiative and UX is the biggest challenge. While your tech teams are busy doing one thing at a time, there is a clear lack of coherence and the big picture.

We align tools and methods to sort out the Why and What of design. In the process, we conduct workshops, research data and users, generate alternative directions and inform design. At the end of it, we will align on Why and What we are doing together. This ensures top management oversight on our work. There is a design way of doing everything... we apply the same in delivery as well. During this stage, we work with your managers and partners and make sure what we deliver is coherent with the envisioned outcome.